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To provide the best possible training and instruction for please fill out the form to the right for your initial application.  If you get accepted, $2000 is required as s deposit and to cover the cost of your materials and ground school.

We specialized in custom flight training programs to transition students into the real-world commercial environment.

If you need assistance with paying for your training, you may look to see if you qualify to apply for Alberta student aid

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Here’s what our happy graduates have to say about our services:

I began my training at Foothills Heli in October 2020 and finished in March 2021.

Thanks to the great instructors and foothills operational connections I landed a job right after I graduated.

Shane, AAA - Heli Pilot

I’m so thankful that I went to FHTA for my CHPL. The small class size makes for a personalized learning experience where everyone truly wants you to succeed. From trying out long-lining, night flying and landing on mountain tops, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Andrea, Access Heli Pilot

I could not have wished for a better experience than what I had at Foothills Helicopter Training Academy. FHTA provided thorough flight training, an intimate classroom setting, competent ground/flight instructors and a friendly, supportive environment. The program provides a comprehensive, bridged version of the heavily, loaded subject of helicopter flying.

Stephanie, Access Heli Pilot

I always felt that I was a top priority to all of the instructors and staff, the environment at Foothills Helicopter Training Academy made it a breeze to get into my dream career!

Chase, Commercial Heli Pilot