Private License

Age – 18 years +
Flying experience – None
Medical – Must pass a class 3 aviation medical exam


  1. English proficiency test
  2. Category 1 Canadian Medical Examination
  3. 45 hours flight training
  4. 33 hours dual
  5. 12 hours pilot in command
  6. 40 hours of Ground School
  7. At least 60% on written exam
  8. Successful completion of flight test

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Private Licence Helicopter Pilot

Efficient, high-quality flight training, competitive rates and an advancement plan into the commercial world with our tailored graduate program. Our focus is on preparing our students for the next step in the commercial helicopter industry. We carefully select our students for placement on the Graduate Mentoring program in alliance with Exploration Helicopters providing the opportunity to transition into employment at an established utility helicopter operation.


Foothills Helicopter Training Academy utilizes the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44 as its primary training machines. The R44 is likely to be the first helicopter you will fly as a commercial pilot and the R22 helps save cost on your training. This will give you an initial advantage when in competition with those pilots training on non-industry standard equipment. The R44 is well suited to the Western Canadian environment and mountainous terrain. This will provide our students with significant commercial helicopter experience whilst challenging the pilot’s abilities in such areas as power management and differing weather which frequently changes and requires adaptability during flight

We also offer training on the versatile AS350. Choose your training program to suit your budget and give yourself the best possible advantage in the real world of the commercial helicopter pilot


Here at Foothills Helicopter Training Academy, we believe you deserve the very best available. Our instructors all have extensive commercial pilot experience and mix instruction time with commercial operations which include forestry, oil and gas, mining, aerial surveying and personal charter operations. Our Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), has several thousand hours in instructing initial students through to company training of experienced pilots, in addition to the many thousands of hours in the commercial operating environment and military service.

Course Details:

  1. Course Length – Course length can vary based on weather and the students schedule.
  2. Upcoming classes – Please contact to see availability
  3. Class schedule –  Flexible
  4. Training – Can be split between the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44 or fully completed on one.

Private Licence

$29k - 40k

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Foothills Helicopter Training Academy offers industry led, real world commercial pilot training, accelerating your career progression with our graduate mentoring program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on the type of machine you do your training on. You are looking at anywhere from $27k to $40K depending on the hours you fly on each.

Training for your commercial helicopter pilots license can take an average of 4-6 months.

We do our best to set each and every student up for success, but passing your written exam and flight test comes back onto the student themselves.

Our operating classroom hours are Monday to Friday 0800 – 1700.

If you don’t pass your flight test or your written exam you are allowed a retake.

As we are a registered educational academy, you are able to apply for Alberta student aid to help cover the cost of your tuition.

Not to worry, if something comes up and you can’t make it to class just let us know and we will catch you up the following day when you come in.

We supply all the text books and tools that you will need for your training.

This depends on how much of your training you have completed. You may get a refund of 25% – 100%

We are located at the airport in Okotoks Alberta.


Here’s what our happy graduates have to say about our services:

I began my training at Foothills Heli in October 2020 and finished in March 2021.

Thanks to the great instructors and foothills operational connections I landed a job right after I graduated.

Shane, AAA - Heli Pilot

I’m so thankful that I went to FHTA for my CHPL. The small class size makes for a personalized learning experience where everyone truly wants you to succeed. From trying out long-lining, night flying and landing on mountain tops, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience

Andrea, Access Heli Pilot

I could not have wished for a better experience than what I had at Foothills Helicopter Training Academy. FHTA provided thorough flight training, an intimate classroom setting, competent ground/flight instructors and a friendly, supportive environment. The program provides a comprehensive, bridged version of the heavily, loaded subject of helicopter flying.

Stephanie, Access Heli Pilot

I always felt that I was a top priority to all of the instructors and staff, the environment at Foothills Helicopter Training Academy made it a breeze to get into my dream career!

Chase, Commercial Heli Pilot

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