Familiarization Flight

Providing safe operations and premium service is our
number one mandate.

Familiarization Flight

To provide the best possible training and instruction for individuals seeking employment within the commercial helicopter industry.

Specialized in custom flight training programs to transition students into the real-world commercial environment.

Partnered with Exploration Helicopters our focus is to fill the training gap in the rotary wing world from 100 hr pilot to commercial pilot. Our instructors actively work in the industry to prepare students for much more than passing the commercial flight test.


R22 – 30 minute flight $300

R22 – 60 minute flight $600

R44 – 30 minute flight $425

R44 – 60 minute flight $850

*If you decide to peruse your pilot’s license, this time will count towards your required hours*

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    Here’s what our happy graduates have to say about our services:

    I began my training at Foothills Heli in October 2020 and finished in March 2021.

    Thanks to the great instructors and foothills operational connections I landed a job right after I graduated.

    Shane, AAA Heli Pilot

    Within the first month of working as a ground crew I got the chance to fly SIC in the AS350 B2 on a ferry flight with a experienced utility pilot

    Tyson , Access Heli Ground Crew

    Taking the proper steps as a ground crew leading up to my commercial career gave me reassurance that I knew all aspects of the job when the opportunity came to fly.

    Caton, Access Heli Pilot